Faculty Jackets

Photo of jacket with custom embroidery

How do you get yours?

  1. Get your order form here, or from your faculty, or the Bookstore on campus.
  2. Choose your favourite colour and design from our new and improved selection!
  3. Pick from our number of embroidery customization options: name, faculty, other logos, etc.
  4. Choose to either submit a group order with some friends which speeds up the process and gets you a better deal (price breaks start at 24 orders) OR submit your order individually.
  5. Wait eagerly — 4-8 weeks depending on order volumes.
  6. Represent your department!

Still waiting?

The orders for faculty jackets are batched in groups of 12. Which means that if you submit your order we will wait to see if 11 other people will come along and order, as well.

If you are ordering on behalf of a smaller faculty and we don't have enough orders at that time to send a batch to our supplier, you have three options: you may continue waiting until we receive the minimum required orders to send a batch, you may pay a small fee and we will place a special order to fill your request, or you may cancel your order. If this situation arises we will contact you to explain the delay with your order and to inform you of your options.


Please contact Darlene in our Special Orders department:

Darlene MacNeil-Mullowney
Email: dmacneilmull@mun.ca
Tel: (709) 864-7441
Fax: (709) 864-2405