Bookstore Information


Ordering online through the MUN Bookstore is available 24/7 and will continue to be an option for ordering all your materials throughout the year. You can choose to have your orders shipped directly to your home (shipping rates apply) or to visit the store to pick up your order (free of charge).

If you are in the St. John's area, visiting the store is often the fastest way to obtain everything you need, to discuss options, and get answers to all your course materials questions. While there may be a line waiting to enter the store or at the pickup window, it is not usually a long wait. When you enter the store, things move along smoothly. 
There are several important things to consider before proceeding to the Bookstore. We ask for your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines for everyone’s comfort and safety.
  1. If you are going to visit the store, it is a good idea to check the website first to ensure the item(s) you are looking for have arrived and are in stock for purchase. The website has real time inventory indicated for books and all other items (although some low quantities could sell out from the time you check until you arrive at the store). There is no inventory quantity on digital products (titles starting with CEI) as they can be ordered, or purchased in store and online, at any time and very rarely become unavailable.
  2. If you want to pick up your order, please wait for an email to tell you that the order is ready. This will arrive later, and it is different than, the confirmation email that you receive after an order is placed. Specific instructions for pickup times and locations will be included in that email.
  3. A parking map is available on our Location and Parking page.
  4. Please pay attention to all University guidelines and signage while on campus.

For Campus Cards, the new procedures are available through:

Our website and social media accounts will always have the most up-to-date information. We thank you for your patience in all interactions, especially during the busy back to school season.

Bookstore Staff and Management


Textbook Search

When choosing campus in textbook search, if the course you are taking will be in person on the St. John's Campus, please choose “St. John's Campus/Remote” (course section numbers begin with the digit 001-059). If the course is being completed online only, even when campus is open, choose “Online Courses” (course section numbers begin with the digit 081-129). See below for more detailed descriptions:

Online Courses
Online courses have been carefully designed to be delivered entirely over the internet using course sites in Brightspace. The course sites often include customized videos, interactive components and resources that help with learning the course content. Online courses are not self-paced; instructors post deadlines for work and expect students to keep up on reading and other activities required to successfully complete the course. Students may be asked to join the instructor and classmates online at specific points in the term. Students need to consider the technical requirements needed to fully participate in an online course.
Remote Courses
Remote courses are face-to-face courses that have been adapted to be delivered at a distance in times of disruption when students and instructors cannot meet on campus. The instructor may decide to use online tools, including Brightspace, to replace face-to-face instruction; course activities and materials may also be modified accordingly. Students may be asked to join the instructor and classmates online at specific points in the term as a replacement for face-to-face meetings and discussions.